Race Nights – A Fantastic Fundraiser!

Enjoy the thrill of the races on an enormous projector screen from the comfort of your choice of venue.
Raise funds for an important project, your local village hall, or a charity close to your heart.

If you have never been to a Race night…
The races each have 8 horses identified by number only. The DVD’s are shown at a special race evening or afternoon arranged by your organisation.
Your guests choose which horse they think will win. All the betting is handled by your tote desk.
Your profits come from a percentage of the tote sales, the entrance fee, sponsors, and selling the owners and trainers (explained in the Race pack)
Each DVD is randomly selected after the bets are closed so that nobody knows which horse will win.
The race is then shown. That’s when the excitement really begins as members cheer on their own horse.

This is an example of the races used throughout your event. For more details on how to book, Contact Us